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Your furnace is the important machine used to heat your home. It is often located in your utility room, attic, or garage. Natural gas or propane typically fuels the furnace. However, furnaces may also be electric, or rare cases, wood-burning. The furnace heats your home by delivering conditioned air through your home via ductwork. With a long life expectancy and impressive efficiency ratings (80-98%), furnaces are an economical solution for regulating your home’s temperature. 

With the unpredictable Indianapolis winters, it is crucial to have a working furnace. A broken furnace during the winter means quickly losing heat. A broken furnace allows your home to plummet to dangerous temperatures that are uncomfortable and could lead to home damage. If your home drops too low in temperature, you risk broken pipes and costly damage. To keep your furnace in good working order and prevent any breakdowns, it is important to attend to it year-round. With some simple prevention and maintenance, you will save yourself from steep expenses later down the road. However, sometimes your home will need a new furnace. A high quality furnace with proper installation is crucial for the success of your furnace. Turn to a professional for your furnace care and installation. The experienced team at Godby can assess, tune-up, repair, and install your furnace to ensure you stay warm and safe this winter. 

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Regardless of who serviced your furnace previously, Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical can inspect, fix or replace your heating unit. We can also carefully and correctly install new furnaces. Our trained technicians will diagnose any issues with your furnace and offer unparalleled customer education so you are fully informed. With customer service at our forefront, our team at Godby is friendly, knowledgeable, and certified. We are available 365 days a year, 24/7 to help you with any of your furnace needs. Serving the Indianapolis area for over 40 years, we have the experience to take care of your furnace. We provide a comprehensive tune-up to check all aspects of your furnace and will inspect any make or model of furnace. Don’t risk freezing this winter, call or text us at (317) 708-4912  to schedule your appointment today.

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