Prepare for Spring Showers

Prepare for spring showers

April showers bring May flowers, but those showers also bring flooding and power outages. The Boy Scouts tell us all to be prepared, so what have you done to make sure your home is ready for rain? Here are some ideas of how Godby can make sure you and your home are ready for all that Mother Nature has in store.

A thunderstorm is like alcohol- sometimes it lulls you to sleep and other times it will keep you up at night. It can also sometimes cause things to get crazy when you least expect them to. Godby can help you keep everything in your home in check and headache free.

Power Outages

Candles create cozy scenarios, but when a storm knocks your power out, being cozy doesn’t keep your food from spoiling or from your kids complaining about not being about to charge their electronics. A whole home generator can keep everything running smoothly, even when Mother Nature has a different idea.

Installing a whole home generator is a big investment, but can save you time, money and a lot of trouble in the long run. You figure out what is a priority to keep on and running and Godby will help you figure out what size generator best fits your specific needs. Maybe you have a freezer full of food you need to keep cold or maybe you have medical devices that must keep running in order to keep someone healthy. Even if it is as simple as keeping the lights on and being able to cook, do laundry and watch TV, we can make it happen.

Whole Home Surge Protectors

Storms bring weather that bring lightning and lightning strikes are harmful to your home’s electronic devices. A lightning strike on the ground or on a pole nearby generates a high electromagnetic field. This causes a power surge damaging nearby equipment. A whole home surge protector will help divert that power surge and keep your electronics safe.

A whole home surge protector will require a licensed electrician to install. It must be connected to a dedicated double-pole breaker. It should be replaced every two to three years. Some also have warning lights on them to indicate when they need to be replaced.

Sump Pumps & Backups

We all know that Indiana can have some epic rainstorms. These rainstorms tend to also bring flooding– flooding of the ground and flooding of people’s homes.  When there are prolonged rainstorms over a few days or there is a sudden intense storm, the water has nowhere to go, so where does it go? Inside your home.

Every home in Indiana needs a sump pump and battery backup. A sump pump is in the lowest part of the home, usually in a sump pump pit. It removes water and forces out to a space where it can drain to help avoid excess water in your home.

We know that a sump pump is not something you are thinking about all the time. It is usually something you think about only when you need it or, God forbid, it fails. A foolproof way to ensure that your home stays dry, and your sump pump continues to work even in a power outage is to have a battery backup. Your sump pump is powered off your home’s electricity. If something knocks out the power to your home, a battery backup with make sure your sump pump continues to run, saving you from impending flooding doom.

Don’t be like Milli Vanilli and blame it on the rain.  Be smart and be prepared- call Godby to get on our schedule. For all of your heating/cooling, plumbing and electrical needs, remember, It’s Gotta be Godby!

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