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FLO Water Sensor

No matter how well we take care of our home, accidents happen. Pipes can burst, drains can back up and toilets can overflow. When it comes to water in your home, we want to help keep larger problems and damage at bay. No one likes to wade through inches of water while trying to save your family photos. What can help? I am glad you asked!

Installing a water sensor will help reduce the damage a plumbing emergency can throw at you. Water sensors alert you when there is water detected where there should not be water. Let’s talk about scenarios and types.

First off, there are audible water sensors. These water sensors either plug into a ground outlet (GFCI) or are run on batteries. They either have a pad/puck/sensor which will alert the homeowner with a loud sound (usually a high pitch beeping or a continuous sound) letting them know it senses water. You can sometimes add a rope sensor. This would allow you to, for example, place the rope all the way around your water heater. It would sense water at any point around your water heater, should it fail and leak. Yes, they work. I had this exact scenario happen. Thank goodness we had an audible water sensor with the rope sensor. We were able to shut the water off before any damage occurred from our leaking water heater.

There are some cons to the basic water sensors though. If you have a battery powered sensor, you have to remember to change the batteries! Also, should a pipe burst when you are not at home, they sensor can shriek as long and loud as it wants to, but you won’t hear it or discover the damage until it is way too late. You may be at home more because of COVID. Maybe you are working remotely, but trust me, Murphy’s Law, says that the second you leave to head to Costco for toilet paper, that is when a pipe will burst.  

We have since upgraded to a Smart Water Sensor- FLO by Moen. This smart sensor is installed on your main water line. It lets you know when there is a change in water flow, pressure or temperature. It also runs a health test every evening to check for leaks. If at any time there is a change in your home’s water flow, pressure or temperature, you are alerted through a smart device. So, should you be at the store when the pipe connected to your water softener busts and water is spewing throughout your basement, FLO will not only alert you, but will allow you to shut off your main water line. What a lifesaver!

Don’t let a mishap turn into a mistake. Call Godby today to have our experienced plumbing team install a FLO water sensor on your home!



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