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Club Godby: Why It Is Worth It

From the game system you bought your kids to the new family SUV you bought, you are offered service contracts on your purchases. Some purchases it seems like a no brainer to purchase a service agreement with. You want to maintain your vehicle you drive in every day. It needs to run correctly, and everyone knows that automobiles require maintenance to keep them from breaking down. So why would you think it is any different with your HVAC system?

Look, we get it. You look super cool sporting your aviators and cruising through town in your sleek new ride. No one says to their buddies, “Dude, you’ve gotta check out the new badass furnace I just got installed! Isn’t it just so sexy?!” Dragging someone to the unfinished part of your house that probably houses a few spiders, to show them your HVAC system, just isn’t how you entertain and impress your friends. But, it was a large purchase and it is critical in keeping your family comfortable in your home.

So, just like your new ride, your new HVAC system needs regular maintenance and attention. Your furnace needs to be tuned-up (or inspected- same thing, just a different name for it) before the cold season and your air conditioner needs to be tuned-up before the warm season. These tune-ups ensure that everything is working properly before you go to turn it on when you really need it. There is nothing more frustrating than finally deciding to turn on your air conditioning only to realize that it won’t cool. Regular maintenance ensures that your heating and cooling system is working as efficiently as possible. This means you are saving costs on utilities and helping ward off costly repairs. Regular maintenance keeps your HVAC system working longer, meaning that dreaded replacement is further off in the distance than it could be.

Sometimes people think we just go down and stare at the equipment and don’t really do anything during an inspection, but Godby technicians are checking each system thoroughly. Depending on the season we are checking refrigerant, blower operations, burners, condensers, filters, electrical connections, temperature differences, cycle operation and much more! It is hard enough to remember to change your filter, much less know the ins and outs of your heating and cooling system. Better to let an expert take care of it.

Maybe you just replaced your HVAC equipment so you are thinking that there is no way you need a tune-up already. Do you say that about getting an oil change on your new car? I bet not. It is the same concept. Spend minimal money now to save yourself big headaches and big costs later. Not to mention, most manufacturers require regular maintenance on your equipment or it voids their warranty. If you have a problem with your new system under warranty, you will be required to show them proof of maintenance. With Club Godby you know it has been done and we can give you the proof!

With Club Godby we make maintaining your system as easy as possible for a homeowner. We remind you when it is time for your tune-up. No reason for you to set up bi-yearly reminders in your smart phone. We contact YOU in order to get you on the schedule. You always receive priority scheduling, no overtime costs and you receive discounts on repairs. Now, let’s get to the nitty gritty and talk cost.

A tune-up costs $89. You will need to do this twice a year. Right there you are looking at $178. Sure there are deals out there for tune-ups, but you have to remember to call and they can’t always get to you right away when you don’t have a service contract. Plus, if you should have a breakdown and need a repair, you are on the bottom of the list, after all those who have a service contract. If you need a repair on a weekend or after hours, you are looking at overtime charges. Other companies may say they don’t ever have those charges, but they find ways to upcharge you and cover their costs. (You don’t really think they can send someone to your house and cover their salary, gas, vehicle etc. for nothing, do you?)

Club Godby costs less than the two yearly tune-ups you need and you get priority service and discounts. The tune-ups keep your equipment running efficiently, maintain your new equipment’s manufacturer’s warranty and you don’t have to remember to call us? Tell me again why you haven’t joined yet?

Call or text Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical today to join Club Godby. Get V.I.P service at a Joe Schmoe price. We believe in having a customer for life, and we do this by treating you like we would want to be treated. No gimmicks and games, just top notch service at a fair price. We’ve been helping Hoosiers for almost 50 years. Let us help you too!



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