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The 411 on GFCI Outlets

The 411 on GFCI Outlets

What is a GFCI? A GFI or GFCI Outlet stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. GFCI is integrated in the outlet. It is like a breaker within the outlet. For example, when you plug in an appliance, like a hair dryer, the GFCI outlet monitors the amount of power going to the blow dryer. If you […]

Can a GFCI outlet go bad?

Absolutely. A typical GFCI outlet is known to last an average of about 10 years. In areas prone to storms and outages (hello, Indiana) the lifespan of your GFCI outlet can be 5 years or fewer. So what are the symptoms of a failing GFCI outlet? Read on, my friend.

The Advantages of Switching to a Wi-Fi Thermostat

By now, you’ve probably heard of Wi-Fi thermostats. If you haven’t, Wi-Fi thermostats communicate with your home’s HVAC system, maintaining precise temperatures and allowing you to adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere with an Internet connection. These gadgets have been around for awhile, but their capabilities have increased dramatically over the past few years.

Finding an ‘Electrician Near Me’

While some home projects are a great opportunity to try out DIY skills, electrical repairs are not. Attempting to complete electrical work without the proper experience or tools is a hazard for your home and your health. Incorrect repairs may cause permanent damage or severely injure those involved. If you are experiencing electrical problems or […]

Don’t Let Your Lights Go Out When the Lights Go Out!

With hurricanes and storms battering the US, losing power is at the forefront of our minds. Although it is highly unlikely for Indiana to get a hurricane, we get our fair share of dangerous storms and tornadoes. Just this past year, Indiana suffered regular power outages due to snowstorms, thunderstorms and tornadoes. Will your family be […]

The Switch to Nothing, How To Find The Source

The mystery of the light switch still lingers in many houses across America. The light switch to nothing is annoying and seems to serve no purpose. Does it go to a light? An outlet? Your neighbor’s garbage disposal? No one knows. No matter what you’ve tried, you can’t seem to figure it out! Not everyone […]

In Between Time-Spring Maintenance

It’s that in between time- you know, when Mother Nature is playing with us. Some days we have snow and the next we are cruising down the road with our sunroof open. But this time of year is a great time to get a jump on your annual home maintenance projects and responsibilities.  If you […]

The Importance of a Whole House Generator

The southeast just suffered the wrath of hurricane Matthew with hurricane Nicole following close behind it.  Storms can cause problems. A lack of power is one of those problems. Here in Indiana between spring storms, tornadoes, winter storms and ice we have plenty of chances for power outages.  Are you ready for them? You may […]

It’s In The Name

Most of you know that here at Godby we service and install heating and air conditioning. People hear Godby and that’s what they know- heating and air conditioning. (If you are new to the Indianapolis HVAC world, Godby has been taking care of heating and air conditioning for our customers for over 40 years, hence […]

Pool Electrocution- A Shocking Experience

Pool Electrocution- A Shocking Experience It’s summer time, which means getting in lots of quality pool time. When you, your family and friends are kicking back on a raft or having a diving contest, the last thing you are probably thinking about is the potential of anyone getting an electrical shock. There have been 60 […]

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