Be Prepared for Extreme Weather with a Whole House Generator

Whole House Generator - Story. Large lightening bolt in dark, stormy sky.

The southeast just suffered the wrath of hurricane Ian. Storms can cause problems. A lack of power is one of those problems. Here in Indiana between spring storms, tornados, winter storms and ice we have plenty of chances for power outages.  Are you ready for them?

You may be thinking, “No big deal! That’s just the way it is!” True, that’s what Mother Nature hands us for living in this part of the country, but a lack of power, even for a short period of time, can cause big headaches. When a home loses power many things happen- lights are off; depending on your HVAC system, you will lose heat or cool; your refrigerator and freezer are off, so your food begins to spoil; most appliances won’t work, medical equipment gets shut down, alarm systems can trip and you may not have access to the internet. Not to mention, you can’t charge your phones, tablets, laptops and other smart devices, causing panic as that battery percentage slowly creeps downward.

But there is a way to outsmart Mother Nature and be the envy of those around you! Imagine that the power goes out, with no word on when it could be restored. You look outside to see everything surrounding you is black- your neighbor’s houses, their windows and the sky. At other houses, people are bumping into each other, Dad is cursing because he can’t find a flashlight and doesn’t know where batteries might be. Mom is trying to calm the kids- one is crying because they are afraid of the dark and the other one is whining because they forgot to charge their phone and now they can’t do ANYTHING! All Mom can think about is yesterday’s trip to Costco and all of the food that’s getting ruined.

And then there is you.

You decided to be prepared. You got a whole house generator from Godby. Everyone in your house is sleeping peacefully. Your heat is running, the food is fine, devices are charging and you feel great knowing you did the right thing in order to keep your family safe and comfortable.

One last glance out the window and you see that Kohler generator humming away and you smile. And as you are turning the lights off behind you as you head back upstairs to bed, you chuckle and think maybe it wasn’t the nicest thing to do when you happily waved at your neighbors across the street as they glanced your way. And as you fall asleep you think, “Well, at least I will have hot coffee to offer them in the morning.”  And you’ll be sure to remind them why they should’ve gotten Godby to install a whole house generator at their home too.

Bad weather will come. The power will go out at some point. Will you be ready? Don’t be the neighbor across the street. Be smart, be prepared and remember, It’s Gotta be Godby!

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