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Air Quality Devices

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says the air we breathe indoors is two to seven times more polluted than outdoor air. Your indoor air can contain dust mites, mold spores, bacteria, airborne viruses, and carbon monoxide. Nobody wants to be breathing in that stuff, yuck!

Poor indoor air quality can cause or aggravate symptoms in asthma and other related illnesses, allergies, skin irritation/dryness or cause mold growth, also known as Sick Building Syndrome. Not only could you and your family’s health be affected, but it can also cause damage to equipment or your home.

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Godby HPE has many options to improve your indoor air quality. 

These devices help knock out up to 99% of the pollutants in your home and/or help balance the humidity in your home in order to tame mold growth. They are energy-efficient and cost-effective.

  1. Air Purification Devices using Bipolar Ionization
  2. Air Purification Devices using Ultra-Violet light
  3. Dehumidifiers
  4. Humidifiers

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