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Air Conditioning is Freezing Up

It’s hot out, really hot, yet your AC unit is freezing up. How can it sweltering hot outside and your air conditioning system has turned into a block of ice? Either Elsa from Frozen has made a visit to your house or you have an HVAC problem.


First things first, turn off your unit and let that thing defrost completely. Go find a cool spot to chill out for a while. Once, your unit has defrosted, turn it back on and check your airflow. Not good? Read on…

There are a couple of reasons that have probably sent your equipment into hyper drive.

1. Restricted Air Flow
When the temperature goes up outside, we tend to crank the temperature down on our thermostats in order to keep our homes cool.  Your HVAC equipment works hard to condition the air in your house, but if it has restricted air flow it just can’t do that. If there is restricted air flowing through your system, this will cause the evaporator coil’s temperature to drop below freezing. Add in the humidity in the air collecting on the coil and boom, you’ve got ice.

What causes the air in your system to be restricted? The most likely cause is a dirty filter. Dang it! You knew there was something you forgot to do. Remember a dirty air filter is like you trying to breath through a straw. Give your equipment a break and change its filter regularly. The other culprit could be blocked ducts, a blower motor that is broken or even too much dirt on your coil.

An AC tune-up could have possibly caught the problem before Elsa froze your unit and left you a sweaty mess. Join Club Godby and we will call and remind you that it is time for your tune-up and head on over to your house when it is convenient for you. Problem solved.

2. Refrigerant/Coolant
Maybe your coolant just needs to be topped off. Hopefully that will solve the problem, but there is a good chance there might be a leak. Either way, you’ll need to call Godby to add the coolant and check your system for leaks. Adding coolant and getting it back up and running is usually just a band-aid. It is time to think about replacing your unit. Bummer, I know, but better than feeling like you’ve moved into a sauna.

No matter the unit, no matter the problem, call Godby! There’s one name to know for all of your HVAC, plumbing and electrical needs- It’s Gotta be Godby.



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