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Municipal Sump Pumps

We have talked about sump pumps, battery back-up sump pumps and just as we promised, here is the information you all have been waiting for on municipal back up sump pumps. Municipal pumps are also called water-powered pumps and just like battery back up sump pumps, there are some details to consider.

If you are on municipal water, you have the option to install a back up pump that is water powered instead of being powered with a battery. Those on well water will not be able to take advantage of this option because if the power goes out well water cannot be pumped therefore making this option obsolete.

A water-powered pump, just like your other pumps, are triggered by a float switch. This second float switch is located in the sump pit, just a bit higher than your primary pump. A dedicated water line is attached to that second float switch. This water line is used to pump the excess water out of your house. When your primary sump pump fails, the water-powered back up will turn on when the water gets high enough to trigger the float switch. When the back up pump turns on, your municipal water starts flowing through a chamber located above the sump pit. The municipal water is flowing at a high rate and the dedicated water line uses the Venturi effect in order to draw the excess water in your home, out. Basically, because of the design of the pipes on the dedicated water line, the moving water that is in your home creates suction and will pull the water out of your home and through that dedicated water line depositing it to the outside. Once enough water is pulled out of your home or your primary sump pump starts functioning, the water-powered back up sump pump will turn off.

Just like a battery operated sump pump, there can be advantages and disadvantages. An advantage of the municipal pump is that you do not have to worry about charged batteries or another external power source. The water-powered pumps operate on water (duh), great right? Yes, but if the water pressure decreases from your source, the pumping capacity will decrease.

You also need to consider the environment you live in. These days water is an important commodity and is very valuable. With a water-powered pump you will be using a large amount of potable water. This could be a problem in some communities. Also, you have to know where all of that water is going to go once it is pumped out of your home. For some homeowners, this may not be a problem, but others need to consider the drainage systems where you live. Will the drainage system be able to handle the water you need to pump out? If not, it is just going to come back into your house or someone else’s home.

Consider your options, but know that whatever type of pump that you chose, you have made a smart choice. You have chosen to be prepared and have peace of mind for your home and your family. When you choose Godby HPE to install your sump pumps, you will have peace of mind knowing that you will get high quality service at a fair price. Trust the name that has been serving Indianapolis and surrounding areas for over 40 years. Three trades, one team. It’s Gotta be Godby.




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