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Almost 50 years ago Godby started with a single truck and vision of helping service Hoosier’s heating and cooling systems. For decades, Godby has focused on having the best service around, treating customers how we would want to be treated, keeping up with the latest in our industry, and employing team members who perform high quality work while keeping everyone safe.

Over the years, Godby found that plumbing and electrical seemed to go hand-in-hand with heating and cooling, so it only made sense to offer these services as well. Today, Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical offers commercial and residential service and maintenance to Hoosiers in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.  One call for three trades helps everyone save time and money, making businesses run more efficiently.

Godby believes in community. Year after year, Godby has made sure to find ways to give back our fellow Hoosiers. Helping build Habitat for Humanity homes, sponsoring kid’s sports teams, collecting goods for local animal shelters, and adopting families in need at Christmas—Godby wants to do all it can to make our town a great one.

Thank you to our customers for their loyalty to Godby, as we couldn’t have done it without you! Hey, we kinda make a great team, don’t you think? Lets keep this party going and make sure Hoosiers and their businesses continue to get the service and maintenance they deserve. There is only one thing you need to remember when it comes to heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical—“It’s Gotta be Godby!”

Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical is your #1 HVAC contractor in Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding communities. We are the leading company for all of your air conditioning needs. If you need repairs, maintenance, or a brand new system installed, the technicians at Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical are the qualified and professional crew for the job.

We provide the highest quality service for your air conditioner. We also aim to educate and inform our customers. Informed decisions are good decisions. We want you to feel confident we are qualified to perform the service for which you are hiring us.

Energy-Efficient Electrical Upgrades

Saving money and leaving a smaller global footprint are both smart goals for any homeowner. One way to achieve both of these goals simultaneously is with energy-efficient electrical upgrades. Upgrading by replacing existing electrical appliances or installing new energy-efficient electrics are both valuable decisions. Stumped as to where to even begin? Try looking at installing energy-efficient lighting, upgrading to or purchasing energy-efficient electrical appliances, utilizing an electricity usage monitor, changing traditional bulbs to more energy-efficient choices, and upgrading your standard power strips to advanced power strips.

Electrical Services and Repairs

As mentioned above, there are a few electrical projects that can safely be tackled by a homeowner. That said, it’s always a safer course to consult with a professional electrician to perform any electrical service or repair. Electricity is nothing to leave to chance. Whether it’s an upgrade or new-construction project, common electrical services and repairs that homeowners explore run the full gamut of generators all the way down to loose wall switches. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional for any of your electrical needs.

Whole-Home Rewires

Whether you own an historic home in need of all new wiring or you’ve been thinking about upgrading to accommodate the energy-efficient appliances and high-tech electronics you’re going to be splurging on, there are some things to keep in mind when rewiring your entire home:

  • Hire a licensed professional electrician.
  • Make an electrical inventory of what devices you’ll be using and their locations.
  • Plan on some holes in walls, ceilings, and floors, where the wiring’s located.
  • Pull permits, and check with the Indianapolis, IN, planning department.
  • Think about moving out during the rewire.
  • Move your valuables and furniture to storage.

Emergency Electrical Services

When an emergency arises, you need a quick response, especially when it comes to electricity. Do not attempt to address the emergency yourself, call us. Whether it’s on a weekend or in the middle of the night, you need to be able to count on reaching a professional. Our expert electricians can be reached 24/7 and are prepared to help you in any electrical situation. They’re ready for most electrical emergencies, ranging from sparking fuseboxes, outlets, and breaker panels to refrigerators/freezers defrosting, and they carry a wide variety of parts with them. But better than solving an emergency is preventing one in the first place. Electrical inspections can detect problems as they’re beginning and can ward off potential disasters. Get your home’s electrical inspected.


Installing a whole-house generator in your Indianapolis home is strictly for professionals. Once it is installed, you have the comfort and security of knowing a backup system is in place to provide power when you need it most.

Trust our team at Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical to do the job correctly. We offer generators in a wide range of wattages, along with competitive pricing and financing. Call 317-471-8700 or request service online today to learn more about whole-house generators, along with other products and services that can add a new layer of comfort and safety to your home.