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Whole House Dehumidifier – An Inexpensive Fix to an Uncomfortable Problem

Sometimes the temperature reading in your home doesn’t seem to match up with how you are feeling. You are sitting in your living room, binge watching Netflix and you feel warm and kind of sweaty. It’s in the 90’s outside, so that is why you decided to spend Sunday afternoon on the couch. Your thermostat is preset for 70º , so you shouldn’t be feeling warm and it can’t be the spicy bean dip you just inhaled watching season 2, episode 11. Luckily, you don’t even have to get up to check your thermostat because you just upgraded to a “smart” thermostat and you can check the temperature on your phone. Whew, wouldn’t want to have to get up! Your little Netflix nest on the couch is perfect!

You take a look at the screen and see that the temperature is reading just what you preset it to, 70º. That doesn’t seem right because this is not your first binge watching session this summer and you didn’t feel like this last weekend, but then you notice that the humidity is reading 56%. No wonder it feels muggy in here! You were starting to sweat through your sweatpants. This has to be figured out!

Monday morning you decide to call Godby and see what can be done. They explain that your basic HVAC system controls temperature, not necessarily the humidity and that it sounds like you might need a dehumidifier. And just as you were thinking that you could pick one up at a big box home improvement store, the customer service rep at Godby explains that a whole-house dehumidifier would maintain the humidity throughout the house, not just in one room like the smaller version you can buy at the hardware store. A whole-house dehumidifier would be attached right to your HVAC system and it can be accessed via your smart phone, just like your HVAC system. Boom! She was speaking your language. So, you calmly tell her to send someone out to your house to see what type of dehumidifier you might need and get a price. They arranged for a Godby Team member to come out that evening, after work.

The Godby Team Member, Bobby, arrives and you discuss the situation. You explain that even though your thermostat was saying it was 70º in your house, it felt warm and muggy and the humidity read 56%. Bobby explained that your humidity in your household should usually be around 45%, so it is no surprise that you felt uncomfortable. After checking out your HVAC system, the house and it’s square footage and praising you for your sweet, new “smart” thermostat, Bobby let you know what it would cost and what it would entail to get it installed.

You knew that Godby’s price was below your budgeted number (since you got the Club Godby price) and you really love your Netflix nest and how comfy it can be. Plus, you don’t want mold to grow or have allergy or skin problems and all that other bad stuff Bobby told you about. All you do know is that you still have 3 seasons to watch on Netflix and you need to feel comfortable doing it. So, you tell Bobby you’d like to have it installed and hope that it can be done before next weekend.

No problem!

The next weekend, you are back in your Netflix nest, with your smart phone beside you, so you can be reassured that your new dehumidifier is doing it’s job, just in case your body heat and that spicy bean dip cause the humidity to rise. Thank goodness for Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical and your new dehumidifier because the final season of your show was epic and so was your Netflix nest!

Sleep better, breathe easier and feel more comfortable with a new whole house dehumidifier installed. An inexpensive fix to an uncomfortable problem! Call Godby today to get your new Honeywell or Aprilaire dehumidifier and remember, when it comes to all your heating/cooling, plumbing and electrical needs, there’s only one name you need to know- GODBY!



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