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Time to Accessorize

These days people want all of the latest gadgets, from Smart Phones to Smart Homes– these things are fun and can make our lives better. The HVAC industry is the same way. Sure, you can just put a regular system in, but there are so many options out there. You can pick and choose what works for you and your family.  

When building her dream home, Mina from HGTV’s “Good Bones” was no different than the rest of us. With a new son and a pack of dogs in their home, Mina wanted to make sure that her family’s home had the best options added to her HVAC systems. 

When deciding what accessories she would need for her home, we looked at the big picture. We had to take into consideration the HVAC systems she chose; who was living in the house; her lifestyle and even any health concerns they might have. Here is what was decided on. 

CleanEffects Air Cleaner

The CleanEffects Air Cleaner by Trane helps remove 99.98% of airborne particles in her home. Airborne particles would include dust, dirt, smoke, hair and good old pet dander. With a house full of dogs, this is important! The CleanEffects Air Cleaner is eight times more effective than the best HEPA filter out there and it is 100 times better than the standard 1” filter in many HVAC systems. 

ERV- Energy Recovery Ventilator

AN ERV, also known as FreshEffects from Trane, is an awesome solution to make sure everyone in your home is breathing fresh air. No one wants to breathe stale air that has been recirculating through your house, especially when someone is sick. An ERV will exhaust the stale air in your home to the outdoors and will bring in fresh air which has been preconditioned. Using an ERV helps cut down on odors, vapors and also the gases that naturally occur in a house that is tightly sealed. An ERV helps make sure Mina and her family are enjoying a breath of fresh air throughout the year!

Steam Humidifier

Every home needs to maintain the correct level of moisture and humidity in their home. In those cold winter months things tend to dry out in a home. We see the results with dry skin, chapped lips or our wood floors drying out and cracking or separating. The humidifier works independently from your HVAC system. It helps provide you with just the right level of humidity that works for your family and your home. Even though it works independently from your HVAC system, you can set and monitor it from your Smart Phone if you have the next gadget. This is perfect for Mina- a working mom on the go!

Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat

Look, we know that you may not think that HVAC systems and accessories are super exciting to talk about, but I can tell you right now, this thermostat is a game changer. This Comfort Link thermostat is essentially you home hub for automation, comfort and energy use. When you use it with the Nexia Smart Home Bridge you can control over 200 devices. Some of the things that can be set and/or adjusted from this hub are zones, humidity, temperature fan speeds lights, garage doors and door locks. Running late and need to let your neighbor in to walk your door? You can unlock the door from your Smart Phone, tablet or computer. Sitting in bed and you’re feeling a little too hot? Pick up your phone and adjust the temperature. At a concert and you want to adjust the lights to ward off your daughter’s boyfriend? Your phone can do that. 

At Godby we are helping you Make Life Better. Each of these accessories are easy to add on to your current system or install in your home. They are cost effective too! With everyone being so busy these days, having your home’s hub at your fingertips is convenient, but knowing your family has the cleanest and freshest air you can provide them gives you peace of mind. Call or text Godby today and we can help you with these accessories right away!




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