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Smoke and CO Detectors

Sometimes the only time we think about smoke detectors are when they start beeping in the middle of the night, reminding you that the batteries need to be changed. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors are like insurance; you don’t need them until you need them. Sounds silly, but those little round devices can save a life.

All smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are not created equally. Think that the WalMart special is enough to protect your family? Maybe, but probably not. Here are a few things to consider when looking at smoke and CO detectors. Are your detectors placed correctly around your home? Do you have enough? Are you making sure, on a regular basis, they are working correctly? Are you replacing the batteries once a year? Let’s be honest, most people are not.

And how about a carbon monoxide detector? Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless toxic gas known as “the silent killer.” Unlike a smoke detector that reminds you it exists and just happens to work when you burn your toast at breakfast, a CO detector is only going to go off if it detects CO at a high level; that is if you have been maintaining it.

The best solution to protect yourself and your family is to have the detectors hard wired into your home. When they are hard wired into your home, they will operate on your electricity. If for some reason the power goes out, the battery is your safe guard. The battery will make sure that the detectors continue to function. You still need to check the batteries on a regular basis to make sure they are charged and change them out once a year.

And no, not all detectors are the same. Just as prices vary, so do options. For example, some CO detectors only detect high levels on carbon monoxide in your home. Other CO detectors will let you know even when low levels of carbon monoxide are in your home. Some CO detectors have a digital screen that displays the level of carbon monoxide in your home. This display would allow you to see if the level is inching up or at a higher level than usual.

Smoke detectors have two ways that they detect smoke in your home- ionization and photoelectric. When smoke is present, the smoke will enter the chambers on the detector, disrupting either the metal charge in the ionization sensor or the light source in the photoelectric sensor, causing the alarm to sound. Some smoke detectors use one or the other sensor to detect smoke, while others use both. The smoke detectors that use both ionization and photoelectric are called dual sensor.

Have a family member that has hearing loss? We’ve got you covered. There are detectors that use strobe lights that flash along with the tone when the alarm is going off in your detector. Did you know children tend to be deeper sleepers than adults? Many times they don’t always hear the beeping tone that emits when your detector’s alarm goes off and sleep right through it. Let Mom and Dad help wake the kids up with their recognizable voice. There are some detectors that offer a voice option. You can pre-record Mom or Dad’s voice telling your kids to get up when the detector goes off. (Too bad we can’t use this when they need to get out of bed and get ready for school, huh?)

No matter which brands or options you choose for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, it should never be an option to forgo them. Every year, approximately 2,500 people lose their lives in a residential fire and around 500 people die from carbon monoxide poison. Do the right thing and install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Have a professional at Godby HPE come to your home and evaluate the best places to install your detectors and have Godby hardwire your detectors in your home. Make a schedule to check your detectors each month to help keep your family safe.

Don’t put the most important people in your life at risk. Install detectors to warn you of impending danger. Make a family plan, discussing escape routes and a safe meeting place, should you ever have a fire in your home. Know the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning and don’t take “the silent killer” lightly.

Godby cares about your safety. Call now to schedule an appointment to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. One call could save a life.




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