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How to Keep Your Electric Bill Down In The Winter

Hoosiers know that heating their homes in the winter can lead to huge electric and gas bills. With the added costs of buying gifts, travel, and everything else that goes into creating a memorable holiday for your family, you might be looking to cut unnecessary costs to conserve your funds. Here are a few tips to help you keep your electric bill down. 

Electrical Repairs

If your home’s electrical system is outdated or in need of repairs, you’ve basically got a ticking time bomb wired into your walls. Faulty electrical systems are inefficient and dangerous. Repairs and updates can be entrusted to our team of experts at Godby. 

Use Light Timers

Light timers are a cheap and easy way to conserve electricity. You can use light timers on outdoor Christmas lights and decorations. Simply plug them into the outlet, plug in lights and decorations and set the timer from sunset to bedtime. Timers have the added benefit of saving you from another cold trip outside, too.

When Purchasing New Lighting, Choose LED or Fiber Optic

LEDs use 90% less electricity than standard Christmas lights for roughly the same price. Fiber optic lighting is the safest option on the market, as they produce no heat or possibility of electrical shock. Additionally, a single 70-watt fiber optic halide lamp can provide as much lighting as several incandescent bulbs. If you have bulbs to replace, make sure you upgrade to LED or fiber optic. 

Up the Festivity with Atmospheric Lighting

Don’t let your decorating efforts go unnoticed. Turning off your regular lighting when your Christmas tree is lit up will have a wonderfully festive effect. Throw in a few candles, and your holiday mood will be lit and you’ll save some money, too, by keeping your other lights off.

Energy Star Appliances and Electronics

If new appliances or electronics are on your Christmas list this year, insist on Energy Star. Energy Star is the gift that keeps giving, racking you up to 60% in savings year-round.

Cook Smart

It takes quite a bit of energy to heat an oven to 450 degrees. Try cooking several dishes at once or in quick succession. Use lids on your pots and pans for shorter cook time. Do all of your cooking prep before you turn on the range or oven. Every little bit helps.

Focus On The Thermostat 

Turning your heat down when you’re not home can reduce your electricity and gas bills. An automatic timer on your thermostat can do this for you. 


Another thing you can do is turn the heat down when you have guests. Bodies put off a lot of heat naturally so most of your guests won’t experience a chill. 

Insulation, Insulation, Insulation

Proper insulation in your home will make a bigger difference in your heating bill than almost everything else on this list. Insulate your attic, basement, crawl space, and plumbing. You’ll notice a difference immediately.

Use Your Fireplace

A good fireplace will contribute an enormous amount of heat to your home. There’s no better way to celebrate your holidays than in front of a roaring fire. Just make sure your fireplace is ready for action. You should have it inspected at least once a year. 


Good windows will save you almost as much money in heating bills as proper insulation will. If your windows are dated, consider some thick curtains or some heat-shrink plastic coverings for your windows that lock in heat.


We’re here to help. Our experienced technicians can help you prepare and repair your home for winter today. Learn more by calling or texting us at (317) 689-0237, or request an appointment here.



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