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Viruses, Nose Bleeds and Coughs- Oh My! How a Humidifier Helps Your Home, Your Health and Your Family

When people hear the word humidity, they may think warm, sticky air- imagine July in North Carolina, but no one wants that mugginess inside their home. Your home needs to have a correct balance of humidity in order to keep you and your family comfortable and healthy. In the summer, warm air holds on to moisture making the humidity higher. In the winter there is less moisture in the air, lowering the humidity. As a homeowner how do you keep the humidity inside your home in check?

Winter is just around the corner. With winter winds and ice-cold temperatures comes dry skin, sore throats, viruses and nose bleeds. Yuck! There is a simple, cost effective way to take care of the dry air in your home- with a whole house humidifier.

A whole house humidifier is not the portable version that you see at big home stores. With the portable version, you place it in a room, pour water into a tank and then turn it on. Once on, the humidifier pushes water vapor into the room until the water runs out or you turn it off. There is little control and monitoring over humidity levels in your home. Plus, you are really only adding moisture to the room the humidifier is in.

A whole house humidifier connects directly to the heating system in your home. You can have one added on to a new system or on to the furnace you already have. Your humidifier is connected to the home’s main water supply. Water runs into a trough. This trough then distributes the water evenly over the evaporator pad, located inside your humidifier. The evaporation from the pad creates water vapor. The water vapor travels through your home’s ductwork and out the vents along with the heated air from your furnace. Any excess water that fails to evaporate simply drains out of the unit.

The relative humidity (RH) in your home should be between 30-50%, although 45% is said to be ideal. At this level you get less colds and viruses, help avoid mold and bacteria growth, dust mites, dry and cracking of wood floors seals, and it helps keep your skin from getting dry in the cold winter months.  An ideal humidity level can also help you avoid embarrassing static cling and shocking your kids as you give them a kiss goodnight.

Whether you need a new furnace, have a furnace repair or are just getting a tune-up, make sure you ask Godby about a humidifier. For very little money you can create a comfortable, healthy environment in your home with a whole house humidifier. Let Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical help you figure out what humidifier would be best for your family and home. Call us or schedule an appointment online today!



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