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Greenwood Asks Homeowners to Check Sump Pumps

If you live in Greenwood then you have been recently alerted that the sanitary sewer systems are in overload right now. But what does that mean, why is this happening and what do you need to do?

A city’s sanitary system takes wastewater from your homes and businesses and treats the water so it can be safely reused. This wastewater is water that comes from your toilets, showers, sinks, dishwashers and washing machines. Wastewater is filled with soaps, chemicals, human waste and debris and this cannot be safely deposited back into our natural environment without first being treated.

True rainwater is safe to naturally fill our creeks and waterways and water our lawns and plants as it falls from the clouds. The water coming from your downspouts, foundation drains or sump pumps is considered safe and should not be connected to the sewer system. This water does not need to be treated and is safe enough for the environment to absorb.

In Greenwood, it is estimated that almost 10,000 homes are improperly and illegally connected to the City of Greenwood’s sewer system. You may think it is not a big deal, I mean, its just water, right? True it is just water, but water treatment systems are designed to hold only a certain amount of water. When there is an abundance of water coming into the system, the system can reach it capacity quickly. Between high rain and incorrect hook ups, millions of gallons of water can be added to the wastewater. The extra water has no where to go and this means water will back flow through the pipes, and when we say water, we mean untreated water. This water will flood basements and households as well as dump wastewater into the streets and our rivers and streams. That stinks! (literally) Not only is it gross, but it can cause damage costing you and the city a lot of money!

So what do you need to do? You need to have a certified plumber, (Yes, certified. Not Billy Bob, your neighbor, who says he knows what he is talking about.), come and check all of your plumbing connections. The plumber will need to check your roof drainage system, including downspouts to see where the water is draining. They will also need to check your sewer clean outs, grinder pumps and sump pumps to ensure they are hooked up properly and the water is being piped to the correct place. If everything is in compliance they need to sign off on the Greenwood Certification Form for I&I Compliance. This form must be turned into the City of Greenwood. If you are not in compliance, you have 45 days from the initial inspection to make all corrections and get into compliance. Failure to get things inspected and corrected could result in the denial of public services.

All of Godby’s plumbers are certified and will come to your home or business to do a plumbing inspection and correct anything that needs to be in order to get you in compliance with the City of Greenwood. There’s no time like the present, so give Godby Plumbing a call today! For all your plumbing needs remember, It’s Gotta be Godby.



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