Club Godby

Hello Club Godby Member! Thanks for taking the time to click and save!

Take $50 off your next duct cleaning!

First off, I bet you are wondering why you have to give your email address and what it will be used for, I know I would. Here is the low down. NO SPAMMING. Our lives are full and so are our inboxes. We don’t like to receive spam, so don’t expect it from us. We will not sell your email. No way, no how.

Here is what you will get. You will get your $50 off. (Duh, that’s why you are here.) You will also periodically (maybe monthly) receive emails from us. These emails will include information on deals/discounts, household tips and information about our services. That’s it.

Ok… so fill out the quick form and voila, a Godby representative will reach out to schedule your duct cleaning and apply $50 off.

Thanks for being a Club Godby member. And remember, it’s not a secret society, so tell your family and friends so they can be a part of the club too!