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Time to Accessorize

Time to Accessorize

These days people want all of the latest gadgets, from Smart Phones to Smart Homes– these things are fun and can make our lives better. The HVAC industry is the same way. Sure, you can just put a regular system in, but there are so many options out there. You can pick and choose what […]

Fully Insulated, Compact Duct Design

Split-ductless systems eliminate the need for long duct runs which compromise energy efficiency through leakage and impact occupant health by accumulating harmful particulates. Given how ducts in poorly designed systems can harbor bacteria, mold and dust mites, limiting ductwork can make for a healthier home. Reducing ductwork can also increase durability given how flex ductwork […]

HGTV Show Good Bones and Godby Pair Up

If you live in or around Indy and are a fan of HGTV you’ve probably heard of the show Good Bones. (If you haven’t or even if you have, here is a quick rundown on the show.) Good Bones stars a mother and daughter team, Mina and Karen, who buy and fix up older, run down homes. The homes they renovate […]

Bigger Is Not Better When It Comes to HVAC

Previously, some builders may have selected oversized HVAC systems in the hopes of guaranteeing comfort and limiting callbacks but this approach is costly and inefficient, particularly in homes with tight thermal envelopes. Instead of providing comfort, an oversized system creates temperature swings and wastes energy by short cycling: constantly turning on and off. Short cycling […]

When to Call for a HVAC Maintenance

With so many responsibilities as a homeowner, it can be easy to forget about HVAC maintenance. However, annual HVAC maintenance is crucial for keeping your system running and preventing expensive breakdowns. Keeping up with annual maintenance and small repairs will save money by preventing larger, more costly issues in the future. Preventative maintenance also reduces […]

Zones of Comfort With The Help Of A Mini Split

This time of year our minds are on getting through the holidays and the wintery weather without too many issues. With family coming to visit for the holidays, you have to figure out where everyone will sleep and how they will sleep comfortably. Your basement is always too cold this time of year and if […]

What is a Mini-Split?

Maybe you’ve head the terms mini-split or ductless system thrown around. Maybe you’ve actually seen one, but haven’t taken the time to see what they are all about. Here is a Reader’s Digest version giving you a brief description of what exactly they are. What is a mini-split? A mini-split is a ductless heating and […]

HVAC Problem Areas

Raise your hand if you have a room or area of the house that is never the right temperature?  This is a common problem people run into with their HVAC systems. If a house isn’t properly ducted, doesn’t have the right system or your heating/cooling zone is rather large, you are going to run into […]

Gas vs. Electric: Which Home Heating System Should You Choose?

If your furnace has reached the end of its lifespan and you’re preparing to install a new heating system, you’re probably debating which home heating fuel to use. Should you go with a natural gas furnace or an electrical heating system? There many different factors to consider: installation costs, operating costs, efficiency and environmental impact. […]

Heat Pump vs. Furnace: What’s the difference?

When talking about your home heating, most people use the term furnace as a sort of generic term, kind of like we do with band-aids or Kleenex. Not everyone uses a furnace to heat their home. Some use a heat pump instead of a furnace to heat their homes. But what is the difference?

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