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Fully Insulated, Compact Duct Design

Fully Insulated, Compact Duct Design

Split-ductless systems eliminate the need for long duct runs which compromise energy efficiency through leakage and impact occupant health by accumulating harmful particulates. Given how ducts in poorly designed systems can harbor bacteria, mold and dust mites, limiting ductwork can make for a healthier home. Reducing ductwork can also increase durability given how flex ductwork […]

Something’s Lurking

Something’s Lurking Dust, pet dander, skin cells, bacteria, hair, toys, pollen, mold, leaves- what do these things have in common? Give up? They can all be found in your home’s HVAC duct system. And that is not even the full list of things that can and have been found! Pretty gross, right? What’s even worse […]

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