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Battery Back Up Sump Pump

Too much water, no matter what time of year, can cause problems for a homeowner. The heavy rains and snowmelt in Indiana also means flooded basements and crawlspaces. It takes only a few inches of water to ruin household items, wreak havoc on your mechanical systems and change your good day to bad.

Homeowners that want to make sure they are ready for any water that may leak into their home should have a sump pump. Located in the lowest point of your basement or crawlspace is a sump pit. Within this pit is your sump pump. A sump pump is an electric pump that is submersible. When water enters your home it will drain to the lowest point, which is your sump pit. Water will fill the pit and at a predetermined point, the sump pump will automatically turn on. The water will be pumped either to an indoor drain or out through a PVC pipe.

But what if you lose power during a storm? What if a circuit trips? What if the cord gets pulled out and you didn’t notice? How will an electric pump work? It won’t.

To insure that your home is still protected when your sump pump fails, you will need to have a battery back up sump pump. The battery backup sump pump works on a 12-volt deep cycle battery and is usually installed in the sump pit right next to your electric sump pump. If the electric pump fails to kick on, the back up is right there to help save the day. Also, if there is an unusual amount of water in the pit and the electric sump pump is having a hard time keeping up, the battery backup will turn on, helping to pump out the water.

Just like any other piece of equipment, your sump pump and it’s back up need to be maintained. A sump pump usually fails because it has just been sitting there, not being used and maintained. Here is a short list of things to do in order to maintain your sump pump:

  • Slowly pour a bucket of water in the sump pit. As the water level rises, the float switch should be triggered causing the sump pump to turn on. If it turns on, you are all good. If it does not turn on, check to make sure that your unit is plugged in and there is nothing blocking the switch preventing it from turning on.
  • Now unplug your sump pump and again slowly pour water into your sump pit. Did your back up sump pump turn on? If it did, you are all good. Make sure that you plug your sump pump pack in.
  • A dead battery is usually the reason that a back up battery sump pump will fail just when you need it most. Like we said before, make sure that you regularly test the battery and that it is charged. The battery for the back up sump pump will come with a charging unit, but all batteries will eventually go bad. You should get about 2-3 years out of this battery.
  • Check the discharge line to make sure that water is flowing through it and it is not blocked by debris.
  • Once in a while clean the bottom of your sump pit. Debris can build up there and you don’t want that debris getting into the pump.

Keep your home dry by maintaining your equipment and installing a battery back up sump pump. Call Godby HPE to find out what size pump is best for your home. Always use a good quality pump, like Zoeller, to ensure your peace of mind.

*Look for a future blog post about water powered or municipal back up pumps.




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