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Are Mini-Splits Efficient?

Efficiency in heating and cooling systems can mean many things. There is currently much ado about mini-split ductless heat pumps and their supposed efficiency. But careful consumers have a lot to consider when shopping for a new HVAC system, ducted or ductless.

When considering the efficiency of any HVAC system, you should take note of the costs of specific units and accessories, possible annual and long-term energy savings, plus installation costs and labor. It all matters and you have to account for it to really know what you’re in for. 

All HVAC systems are susceptible to environmental variables. You should also evaluate your space to determine whether a mini-split is the best solution for their needs. In a nutshell, yes mini splits are efficient if used properly. It’s not exactly a simple yes or no answer and you need to really have a professional assess your space.

Mini Splits are a Really Great Option for Specific Situations

They’re great for small homes, and for use in homes and rooms where existing ductwork is difficult to access. Mini-splits are an excellent choice for homes with non-ducted heating and cooling systems. They are a feasible alternative for add-ons without an existing HVAC system. 

In comparison to traditional ducted HVAC systems, some of the advantages of mini splits are their relatively small size, individual control areas, and relative “ease of installation.” However, the importance of a qualified installation crew cannot be overlooked. 

Additionally, while mini splits are generally more energy-efficient than traditional ducted systems, their efficiency is dependant on several factors.


Mini-Splits Efficiency Variables

Just like traditional HVAC systems, mini splits’ efficiency depends on the home they cool and heat, the size of the chosen system, the qualifications of the installation crew, and a few more variables.

A mini-split system’s efficiency will be affected by the environment in which they’re installed. If a home lacks proper insulation and updated windows, the mini-split will have to work harder to keep up. All HVAC systems have specific requirements for efficient operation, including proper system size and properly-installed ducts and lines. 

Mini-splits absolutely must be installed by a properly trained and qualified crew. Qualified professionals will know exactly which mini-split systems will be most efficient in your space—and where, why and how to install them. 


Hiring the Right People For the Job

Not all HVAC crews possess the knowledge and skills necessary to install mini-split systems correctly. Additionally, not all HVAC crews install traditional ducted systems correctly. You need someone who can do both. 

If your traditional HVAC system is running inefficiently, or if you’re interested in consulting with a team of qualified professionals about a mini-split for your home or business, please contact our team. We’ll come out, asses your situation and make a recommendation based on what we see. 



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