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Air Conditioner Not Working? Check For This

Air conditioner not working? It’s hot- that kind of hot where you step outside and sweat immediately. The sun is hot, the humidity is high and the combo makes the air so thick it’s hard to breathe at times. You’ve just finished a long commute home from work and you can’t wait to take a shower, sit down and take in all the glory of your air conditioned home.

You open the door from your garage and step inside your house ready to feel the cool air and instead you are hit with hot, muggy, stale air in your house.

Noooo! What is going on?!

You set your stuff down and now realize that instead of watching “The Bachelorette” you have to troubleshoot your system- the last thing you wanted to do right now and honestly, you are no HVAC genius. You barely know which end of a hammer to hold, much less how to fix your air conditioning.

You head to your basement to look at your troubleshooting checklist that you got from Godby. Power is on. No breakers have been tripped. Your filter looks clean, so you head to the thermostat. It seems to be working. You can see your pre-set temperature of 70º and it is set to cool, yet the indoor temperature is reading more like something you might feel in a sauna.

You decide to head outside to take a look at your condensing unit. At this point, you decide it might be cooler outside than it is inside your house and that thought makes your eyes tear. You swear you’re not crying. It’s just the sweat dripping into your eyes and making them burn. You wipe your eyes, turn the corner and there it is, your new Heil condensing unit, covered in cottonwood.

It’s July and that white, puffy stuff floating around the skies seems to be having a large get together right there in your condensing unit. As you curse the gods of cottonwood and guardian angels of cold, conditioned air you realize there is only one thing to do- call Godby.

You take out your phone and call Godby and despite being after hours, you find that you can get a HVAC service tech to your house in about an hour or so. As you hang up the phone and apologize to and try to make amends with everyone you just cursed, you pat yourself on the back for being a Club Godby member – priority scheduling, no overtime charges and discounts if they do need to do A/C repairs.

You head inside, get some cooler clothes on, grab a cold drink and in no time Godby is at the house. After cleaning your condensing unit and checking your entire system, Godby gets you’re A/C running and your house will be cool in no time.

While your service tech reminds you to keep your air conditioning condensing unit clear of debris and you are nodding your head, you are really thinking, “Would it be awkward to hug this guy? I mean, he has just saved me from the grips of heat stroke!” You snap back into reality, offer a cool bottle of water to your tech, thank him for his help and head indoors. You can already feel the house cooling off and think, “I may not know how to plunge a toilet, change a light fixture or fix a furnace, but at least I’m smart enough to call Godby!”

Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical is your hometown team. Whether you need an A/C repair, a water heater or even outdoor lighting, remember, it’s Gotta be Godby!



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