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7 Things Every Homeowner Should Know

1 – Don’t Trust the Labels
In your main breaker panel, you may see labels or a general list of which breaker controls which circuit. As a rule of thumb, they are a good guide, but aren’t fool proof, especially if you aren’t the original owner.

2 – Know Where Your Main Water Shutoff Valve Is
And not just you, everyone in the house. And label it. When a crisis arises, you may not be home and it is easier to direct your teenage kid over the phone to the valve and actually have them locate it when it is labeled.

3 – Before Vacation, Shut Off your Water
Just because you are on vacation, doesn’t mean your water is. Shut it off. And don’t run the dishwasher as you are leaving. No one likes to come home after a vacation to thousands of gallons of water in their house.

4 – The Bucket Flush
If your toilet won’t flush due to a power outage (your well pump doesn’t work or the city water supply isn’t working), you can still flush the toilet. Grab a bucket, fill it with water and dump that water into the bowl. It will get rid of the waste, but it won’t refill the bowl.

5 – Maintenance is a Must
If you want your HVAC system, generator, water heater or any equipment to last, maintenance is required. Get your tune-ups, flush your water heater and take care of your equipment to keep it working efficiently for years! Don’t forget to change those filters!

6 – Don’t Ignore a Leaking Water Heater
Sometimes you may have a relief or drain valve go bad, causing a leak. These are easy to replace. If your tank is the culprit, don’t ignore it. You have a major problem on your hands. If left and ignored, the tank will rupture and cause a flood. Replace your tank before it busts!

7 – Know Your Limits
Every homeowner wants to take of their home and save money doing so. DIY disasters happen every weekend. Don’t out yourself or your family at risk trying to fix something yourself. Replacing that bad outlet is probably best left to the experts.

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